Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Bride can bowl!

Melodi loves to bowl, so it was no surprise that she decided to go bowling for her bachelorette party. A small group of us (Mel, Michelle, Matti, Jenika and I) met up at the old AMF Christown Lanes (kind of funny the bowling alley is still called Christown, but the mall changed their name to Spectrum) after they had dinner at Michelle's house. 
We had such a great time laughing and talking... we decided since it was a bachelorette party it would be fair that we could ask Melodi ANYTHING we wanted every frame.... well lets just say we had way too much fun with that and spent more time chatting than bowling. 
Matti and Mel 

Michelle, Matti and Mel 

We only managed to bowl 1 1/2 games in our 2 hours there, but Melodi whopped us both games! (In my defense I couldn't bowl with them fingers in the ball because of my nails. )

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