Saturday, October 29, 2011

Making our list and checking it twice-

With Halloween just about behind us I am looking towards Thanksgiving, but mainly Christmas. This is probably the latest in the year I have ever started planning for Christmas! I have so many mixed emotions about the holidays... If I could fast forward past them I would take that option, but since I can't do that I want to make the most of it and have lots of fun... I need to focus on who I have in my life and not who is missing.

As I make my Christmas shopping list I am really torn on who to add... Normally I feel obligated to buy for everyone. Obligated is probably not the right word, because I do WANT to buy for everyone- friends, family, co-workers, adopt a-family, online friends etc however our Christmas budget doesn't usually stretch that far anyway and they are not always appreciated!

I have several traditions to consider as well... every year my grandma always made photo calendars for the entire family and bough ornaments for each grandchild... I have already decided to continue on the calendars, but what about the ornaments? Also, the last couple years Kenny and I have been doing stockings and delivering them on Christmas Eve to help Santa out, do I continue that one (I love that one) and what about the Christmas countdown with books? The Ross family loved it so much that Michelle made me an entire scrapbook of her children reading and opening the gifts... is that a keeper? Plus I heard of Elfing people (same as booing) and of course I want to do that too....Then there are so many awesome out of state family that we love to send packages too.

So anyway, that is what is currently on my mind! Not sure what we will come up with! 

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