Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blair's Halloween Party 2011

We got to the party just in time for the boys to participate in all of the games! They started with bobbing for apples!  Although, neither of the boys got an apple during the actual game, later that night they kept practicing and were successful! 

Little Brian 
Then it was time for an intense game of ring toss on the witches hat.... 


Little Brian 
And then, the pinata -

Allan (at the top) and Bo getting it set up

Jacob taking a swing 

Little Brian's turn 

Its raining Candy !!! 

a pile of kids... 
OOOOH an check out this bathroom. Blair's roommate Chuck did it. Blair and I are both not the biggest fans of this type of Halloween decor, but you have to admit he did a great job!!

Jereme and Melodi came too and we all had a fun time. Jacob was so darling when he saw me in my costume... I am not sure he knew it was me! He kept asking me, "Whatcho doing?"  All the little girls were very interested in my costume as well , especially the wig,  and asked if they could touch it. Later in the night when I took the wig off Jacob came over and curled up in my lap like he normally does : )

Here are our silly pictures-
Luigi  and Mario (Brian and Kenny) 

Jereme (the Rabbi) , Kenny and Brian 

Brian (big Luigi), Me (princess Peach), Kenny (Big Mario) and Jacob (little Luigi) and Little Brian (little Luigi) 


Brian and Jacob - the Luigi's switched hats 

The Ladies

Melodi and Jereme 

Princess Peach and Mrs. Potato head (Blair) 

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