Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

My mom had Kenny and I over for dinner tonight. It was kind of neat all 7 of us crowded around my grandma's old table. My mom made a pork roast and a beef roast in the same crock pot like my Grandma Taylor used to do- it comes out so moist and tender!
After dinner Kenny, Brian, the boys and I got dressed in our costumes to hit the town for trick or treating! Our first stop was my parent's neighbor, Bill- his wife made special treat bags for both boys! Then we were off to Radiant for some Trunk or Treating. It was super crowded with probably twice as many people trick or treating and only 1/2 as many stops compared to years past... We decided to venture out to the neighborhood right by the church and had great success! Lots of people really went all out with decorating their homes which was fun. The boys were so much fun to watch as they scampered up and down the driveways squealing with delight. My favorite was when they got popcorn and Jacob's little face lite up as he said, "They gave me Halloween POPCORN!" Our group got lots of comments and people seemed to enjoy us being dressed up... although not many people knew who I was... Mario and Luigi are easy, but Princess Peach isn't as easily recognized. Someone said, "OH you must be Princess Toad!" which my brother of course had a lot of fun with the rest of the night.

After we dropped the exhausted Taylor boys off at home with their heavy bags filled with candy we went home and got a surprise visit from 3 adorable pirates (and their parents and grandma!). We haven't seen the Ross family in a while, but when kids are young a small gap in time feel like you have missed so much! The twins are absolutely adorable and growing like weeds! I was pretty impressed when the 3 of them walked up to the door like old trick or treating experts! I can't believe how much they are 'talking' and getting around these days!

Emma sat on the couch and pulled out every piece of candy in her bucket and gave it to me : ) She is so adorable and always smiling.

Matt says, "Happy Halloween!" and it is just too cute. This is the first time we have seen him with his glasses and I think he is just handsome as can be!

Zack is getting to be a big boy! He is talking much more clearly now. I am always surprised how he always knows me and Kenny... I mean of course he knows us, but he addresses me by name. "Hi Amanda" or "Amanda look at me" its pretty neat. He was having WAY to much fun eating his suckers and running all of the place. He sang us his ABCs which ended in "Now I lay me down to sleep..." LOL

I really enjoyed our surprise Pirate attack!

Hope everyone had a Spooktackular Halloween too!

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