Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Since I inadvertently won 2 weeks of tanning I wasn't about to let them go to waste... especially with the wedding and my 10 HS reunion approaching. As we all know nothing in life is free.... I had to buy a ridiculously expensive bottle of lotion to be able to tan.... but I did it because I was curious. The beds are not just your old fashion coffin looking enclosed beds anymore.... The first day I tanning in this chair looking machine for just 5 minutes! When I left I felt like I had been in the sun all morning... Crazy feeling. 
I know what you may be thinking... I am crazy to tanning knowing the implications of cancer and other skin problems.... also tanning is highly addictive and many of my friends warned against it. To be honest it is WAYYY too time consuming and expensive for me to become addicted, however I can defiantly see how people do get addicted to tanning. It makes you feel beautiful. I felt so much more confident with evenly tanned legs over my usual pasty white legs. I even wore dresses to work a few times. Regarding the skin problems.... if I am going to get cancer it won't be from these few weeks of tanning it will be from the years and years I have lived in Phoenix and the numerous bad burns I have had throughout the years... 
I am glad I tried it and I will be a little disappointed when my tan fades away... 

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