Sunday, October 9, 2011


I have no idea how long the tradition of booing has been around, but for me its been about 5 years. Target used to sell boo bags and you could just fill up the goodies and leave the bag on a coworkers desk or a neighbors door. Each year I try to pick 3-5 people or families to drop of a little surprise to and then we ding dong ditch them with a the bag. This year my mom wanted to do some too so My brother, the boys, my mom and I piled into the car and drove all around town dropping off boo bags.

The boys got a chance to wear their costumes and were just delighted. They were SO excited to run up to eat door with their dad and would come racing back to the car for a quick get away.

Blair's goodies 
We saved Blair's house for last because there are tons of bats out by her house and I wanted to show the boys. They of course were super impressed and we all had a good time watching them buzz around eating bugs. Jacob was pretty terrified of them and was tucked safely in the backseat until we encouraged him to come along with us... he was still pretty certain they were going to get him. Did I mention he calls bats, vampires?

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