Sunday, October 16, 2011


I find it ironic how my little nephews want nothing more that to grow up and "be big" and I find myself wishing I could freeze time... I love their little voices and sweet personalities. I love how they squeal with delight when they see me. Or how Jacob practical jumps into my arms the moment I see him and says, 'hold me' (which means hold him upside down, tickle him or just carry him wherever I go).

Little Brian has such an amazing personality, he loves with his whole heart and genuinely cares about people- ALL people. He has an autistic friend at school who has been known to hit him in the past.... he doesn't care he forgives him wholeheartedly. If you accidentally hurt Little Brian, he doesn't get mad he just says, "Its okay I not mad at you"

Jacob is such a happy little boy with the best manners ever! You wouldn't be surprises to hear him say, "May I please have a drink?" or "Thank you very much grandpa." He does NOT like to be in trouble or yelled at and pretty much falls apart if he thinks that will happen. He loves popcorn and doesn't really like to eat actual meals.

Can you bottle this stuff up??

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