Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fair Take Two

Brian trying to beat the challenge and win a $100 
Uncle Kenny and Jacob 
Even though Kenny and I had already taken the boys to the Fair this year we wanted to go again since Brian wasn't able to go and Jereme and Melodi still wanted to go as well. Our first trip was for exploring and looking at the exhibits and show and this trip was all about the rides and games. We got in for free for donating socks to the Veterans and all of the rides and games were discounted to just $2 (although cheap still ads of quickly for a group).

We waited for our first ride and just before it was our turn to ride someone threw up.... I almost said, "Never Mind" and abandoned the adventure of riding Fair rides. We ended up going anyway and the ride was amazing AND I didn't feel sick at all... Can you out grown motion sickness???

We moseyed our way through the rides taking turns riding the ones we thought looked interesting and skipping the ones that weren't a good fit (NO SPINNING ones for me or Kenny).

This trip to the Fair was pretty monumental... Little Brian successfully road his first 'adult' ride!! He was SUPER excited to ride "Starship 2000" which is a spinning ride... luckily Jereme and Melodi were willing to go on with him. At first Brian, Kenny and I weren't very supportive of him because we figured we would pay the money and he would change his mind (which is what usually happens) and no of us wanted to take his place on that spinning machine! They said he did great and was just laughing the whole time. When he walked out the doors of the ship he was all smiles. I was really proud of him for facing his fears.

Jereme, Melodi and Little Brian 

Melodi, Jereme, Kenny and I rode the Farris wheel- I believe the same one Kenny proposed to me on- while the boys played a few games. Its always so beautiful at the top!

Little Brian 

Kenny and I 

Melodi holding Little B

Brian holding Jacob 
After we thought we were done riding rides we decided it was time for something fried! We got Indian fry bread, a giant donuts, fried zucchini, fried mushrooms, onion rings, hot dogs and french fries... it was ridiculous how much food there was!!

The boys, Melodi and I went to check out the butterfly exhibit. Jacob was fascinated!! Melodi and Little Brian left after about 10 mins, but Jacob wanted to stay. We even found a caterpillar! It was such a neat exhibit- and free!


I was in search of Chocolate Cotton Candy so I walked around to each vendor looking for it with no success... while I was doing that Little Brian and Kenny rode a roller coaster together and then Jacob, Brian, Kenny and Little Brian road the bumper cars. Kenny said that was his favorite part of the night. : )

Before we knew it we had blown through the night and it was time to go... there were a few tickets left on our ride pass so Brian and I rode another ride and laughed our way through the whole thing. Who knew we all loved Fair rides so much???

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