Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You're getting muffin' for Christmas

This year Kenny and I handed out muffins as our gift to our co workers. I really should have baked the muffins because they would have been WAY cheaper, but it just would have added to the stress of endless tasks so we just bought them from costco. 
We packaged them up, 
and added a tag that says "You're getting muffin for Christmas" 
Most everyone seemed to like them (although Kenny did over hear one person complaining... something about muffins are made with oil and that is super disgusting ????) Some people didn't see our humor, but most people commented and thought it was really funny. 

I had asked all my work friends if we could skip the exchange this year and while they all agreed only 2 didn't bring me a gift.... I know you shouldn't give to received but let me tell you I feel really, really terrible when I receive and don't give (well besides a muffin')... 

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