Thursday, December 16, 2010


Every year our company generously gives us a $100 Christmas bonus. Since we got all our Christmas shopping done before the cruise (well sorta of... funny how more things and new ideas pop up when you think you are done) I wanted to do something awesome and memorable with the money... pay bills was not on the list... 

Kenny and I really enjoyed Kayaking in Hawaii so we decided to look into getting one of our own. We did some research and decided we really wanted a Canoe not a Kayak so we could take it camping and have one of the dogs with us out on the water. We started searching craiglist and and quickly realized we were well out of our price range... Canoes were going for $300 and up, up, UP! 

I e-mailed and texted a few people, but put it on the back burner since I couldn't offer even 1/2 the asking price on most of these Canoes. Several days later I got a text asking if I was still interested in the Canoe... I said I was, however I could only offer $150 (my bonus plus all the cash I had for the next 2 weeks!)... we bartered back and forth via text and finally he accepted my offer!

I had plans to have dinner with Blair that night so Kenny volunteered to go pick it up for me. He took the small truck... I guess we didn't realize what we were buying! This thing is huge! 15 foot and looks almost as big as the S10! 

Later that night Kenny happened to be talking on the phone to his Nana (during a rain storm...) and told her about our purchase... she was laughing historically and said its not going to rain that much! We got a laugh out of that too! 

We are pretty excited about it and can't wait to find time to take it out! Kenny wants to paint it and name it... we will see if that gets done, but either way we will have some fun with it this summer. Thanks EMC!

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