Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jesse Tree

Have you ever heard of the Advent Jesse tree? I hadn't until this year. My friend, Jackie was telling me all about it and it sounded really interesting, so I asked to participate. Basically each day you read the devotional in the book, put the ornament on the tree and it is a countdown to Christmas. For example day one it about Creation and the symbol is a globe. Mine was a staff (see the bent pipe cleaner sitting on the book). I told Jackie mine was lame and I couldn't make it cute. She said it didn't matter, once you read the devotional and understand what it symbolizes you will see how beautiful it is. 
Since we were gone the first 8 days of December I missed out on starting from the beginning. PLUS we don't even have a tree up this year! I will be reading the devotionals and I am sure I will enjoy putting the ornaments up in future years. I just though it was neat and wanted to share. 

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