Friday, December 17, 2010

The Dylan Show

Friday night we invited Kenny's friend Matt to bring his family over for dinner and to hang out. We ended up having a mini party and a great time! I had wanted to make some fancy dinner but didn't really have the time to put into it so we ended up making sloppy joes, mac and cheese, beans and chips with brownies and ice cream for dessert....and it was a huge hit-- on paper plates! 

This is Dylan Matt's son. We don't have a high chair so Matt made him one with his belt, a town and a bar stool- awesome! 

I think Kenny (and Matt!) think Dylan is a play toy... Kenny picked up my by his overall straps.
Matt and Dylan 

This kid is only 12 months old and super strong! Matt does this "superman" trick with him where he holds his legs and Dylan holds him self up straight out from him like he is flying. It is adorable! 
I think he was tired of preforming. His little cry was so dang cute too! 
Matt and his pride and joy Dylan 
Me and Dylan. This kid is awesome he let me hold him a few minutes after meeting him. Later in the night he even wanted me to hold him! 
Here is a group shot- Steve, Sarah, Matt, Barb, Kenny, Ashley holding Dylan and me
and another so Kenny could hold his toy
The boys- Dylan, Matt, Kenny and Steven 
I am really glad they were able to make the time to come over for the evening and visit with all of us! It's not often you can reunited old friends, but Kenny and I seem to be doing that a lot lately.... I love it! Matt seems truly happy and we are really happy for him (just wish they would move back to AZ lol) 

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