Sunday, December 26, 2010


My mom has been having some medical issues lately and hasn't been up to doing a whole lot.... So Kenny, my grandma and I kidnapped her and took her out to Tempe to see the Sea Life Aquarium! She has been talking about this place since it opened and finally got to see it.  

Grandma and Kenny checking out the fish

Sting Ray (love the smiley face!) 

What I didn't know is that the place is totally enclosed.... (my mom is claustrophobic, remember the St. Louis Arc incident?) AND there is a water tunnel where you are completely surrounded by shark filled waters! She did great and was glad to be able to see the place... but I don't think she was too sad to leave there! 

Me, Kenny and Grandma (love how the fish is right in my face) 
We took her out of Carlos O Briens for dinner to complete her surprise adventure.

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