Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 14- Ensenada, Mexico

Today was our last day to sleep in on vacation so I took advantage! While I was sleeping in Kenny went to the gym. We finally got up and moving and started packing and then headed to lunch at the Mexican Food buffet… Oh how we have missed our Mexican food! While the display was awesome the food left much to be desired.

After lunch we went to the room to relax since there wasn’t much else to do that caught our interest. Finally it was time to get off the boat! We disembarked into Ensenada Mexico. We were all a little nervous about going into Mexico; however this was more of a tourist area and seemed to be secure.

Kenny wanted to try a Cuban Cigar (since they are illegal back home) … we all tried it. He said it was just like any other Cigar, nothing too special.

We had fun checking out the shops, although none of us bought much. They are so aggressive when it comes to selling their goods and I personally and not a fan of the bartering system. However, Sarah is awesome at it! She haggled her goods from one vender who followed her down the block trying to make a sale. Let’s just say he didn’t make his sale until he came down to her price! It was hilarious to watch!!
 I am pretty sure that was in Pesos... It caught my eye though... 

Once we walked all the way back to the ship it was getting dark and all of us were tired from all the walking. We hit the Pizza bar and buffet one last time for dinner.

We talked about the trip and what were our favorites and least favorite parts. We pretty much all loved Maui and the car ride we had.  It’s Ironic how the most unplanned day ended up being our funniest and most memorable. Sarah’s favorite was parasailing and the car ride in Maui… I was really pleasantly surprised to hear that.  Kenny’s least favorite was me and his Nana getting sea sick. My least favorite was SO many days at sea and eating the same food for 14 days…. Barb’s least favorite was the day in Honolulu since the day didn’t go quiet as planned and we weren’t able to do a lot of what we had our hopes up to doing. 

We ended the night trying to make back some of our money at the Casino… Kenny did really well and made $130! I gave $41.00 back to the Casino playing this dumb game trying to win a stack of 50 one dollar bills..

dumb, dumb, dumb

Today’s Forecast: Mostly cloudy high 68, low 53

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