Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve absolutely flew by in a blink of an eye. In the morning Kenny and I finished up some last minute wrapping and preparation. Then we headed off to Michelle's house to make cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. This is a tradition Michelle has started for her children and it was actually super fun. Everyone came - Nanette, Sarah, Barb, Kim, Brittany, Chris and of course Michelle and her 3 bundles of joy
Chris and Brit "punching the dough"
Chris and Brit ready to get started 

Kenny and Emma 


She had the dough already prepared and the kids helped roll them out and add the sugary goodness.  I was surprised how interested the babies were in the whole process! Matt wanted to eat the dough and Emma wanted to feel it. Zack pretty much got the idea and knew what he was doing.

Matt after "helping" with the cinnamon rolls 

After the cinnamon rolls we went to pick up my mom to head to church. Our neighbors, Bill and Corrine,  from the house on 26th drive always went to midnight mass on Christmas Eve and ever since then I have wanted to go to a Christmas Eve service, but it never seemed to work out. Well this year we made it work and I am SO glad we did. It was truly amazing. 

Mom and Kenny 
I am not sure why, but I cried through almost the entire service. It was so beautiful and I loved the message, but my favorite was singing by candle light (glad the water works didn't put out my candle!). I hope we are able to make this a tradition ever year.

On the way to my grandma's house we stopped at the cemetery to put some poinsettas on Dave and Quint's graves for Christmas. I know the Buckley's like to go on Christmas Eve at dusk to visit and decorate the graves, but we are never really able to go at that time so we did our own thing.

My brother and his step daughter Krissy and his boys,  Brian and Jacob,  were already there when we arrived at Grandma's house. We thought it would be funny to walk in without any presents and see how the boys would react....
Little Brian asked "Did you bring Christmas presents?"
I said "No, not this year buddy"
He got a pouty face and said "awww, okay" and was about to go back into the living room.
I told him I was just teasing him and needed his help. He lit up and ran outside with us eyes wild with excitement when he saw the trunk full of gifts. I know its not supposed to be about the gifts... but really it is a little. It makes me so happy when they are just so excited and happy.

Before we opened gifts we played a version of Let's make a Deal (I still have some of that cruise ship fun on the brain!). Basically each person chose an envelope and then they got to either keep that prize or try to get a better prize in one of the boxes.  If they didn't get a ZONK (ie a roll of TP etc) then they went on to the next round and open a door. We sorta bent the rules and everyone kept the money from the envelope, a box prize and a door prize. 

The boys loved the game more than anyone and were thrilled with their prizes (mostly the dollars!). We ate dinner and took pictures before the wonderfully awesome chaos of opening presents began.

The boys loved the game more than anyone and were thrilled with their prizes (mostly the dollars!). 
We ate dinner and took pictures before the wonderfully awesome chaos of opening presents began.

Little Brian was a riot to watch open gifts this year. He explained things like this (remember he is 5)-
"No way!"
"Oh shoes, I love shoes, I needed shoes, Thank you so much!"
"oooow PJs"
"Picture me, picture me!" (which meant to take his picture with that particular item)
"Oh cool!"

There is probably much more that I am not remembering, but it was fun to say the least. He even went up to Kenny afterward and said "Thank you for my new shoes and underwears and optimus, you so nice"

"picture me, picture me!" 

Krissy LOVED her box of Fizzle Skittles

My brother got Kenny and I some helmets for the quads which was super nice and thoughtful, but mostly I was so thankful that he showed up (on time) and choose to be there with our family.

Lucy opening her toy
My mom and grandma said they thought it was one of the best Christmas get togethers in a long time. It stinks that my dad was too sick to come and Crystal didn't feel like coming, but we enjoyed the boys and had a great time anyway.

After all the that Mr. Claus and I still had a few things to do... we had to deliver stockings! Our intent was to spread holiday CHEER, but we ended up spreading holiday FEAR! I guess ding gong ditch isn't something people expect semi late at night on Christmas eve... we may have to re think that next year. 

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