Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 10 – At Sea – Some R&R

After all the running around we have done the last few days we were happy to sleep in today! We lost an hour today and had to turn the clock back an hour… It was another very ruff night with 10-20 foot waves! You could actually feel the spray of the waves and get wet on deck 7! Barb and Sarah are on deck 5 and could see water up to their window line! Kenny and I grabbed some breakfast at the buffet. We both agreed we were tired of the buffet food, not that the buffet was lacking anything just tired of eating the same thing for 10 days in a row. I am seriously missing Mexican food! There hasn’t been a single Mexican dish the entire time we have been away! I am hoping that will change since our next stop is in Mexico! After breakfast and Ukelele lessons Kenny and I hung out in our room for most of the afternoon watching movies and ordered room service for lunch. Kenny ventured out of the room to go to the gym and watched a movie on the upper deck, but I stayed put watching chick flicks. Sarah was sick most of the day too, so it was a pretty slow relaxing day for all.

Forecast: Mostly Cloudy High 78 low 67

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