Wednesday, December 22, 2010

it's always impromptu

Last Sunday we had made plans with my brother to take the boys to see Santa at Cabellas (it was FREE) and he had to cancel to today when we got out of work early he met us up at Arrowhead so we could attempt to get a Santa photo. Well, the line was twice as long as it had been when we had gone with Michelle and we just didn't have time to wait in line.... So we settled for this silly picture and ran off to Cinnabon: 
Little Brian, Santa and Jacob
Little Brian has his first loose tooth... he discovered it when he bit into his cinnabon. He is very worried about loosing his teeth. It probably doesn't help that his dad teases him about it and told them they were all going to fall out if he didn't brush his teeth....
Jacob stopped to say cheese before eating his bite
It was a delicious afternoon. 

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