Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 12-At Sea- ‘sleeping’

Well we didn’t have much trouble finding something to do today since we didn’t get up until 1PM (remember that is 3PM AZ time)! I haven’t slept that late since before I got a job!! Kenny said he hasn’t slept that late since he spent the summers at his dad’s house. We finally emerged from the room about 3 PM and ate lunch. We turned in our pictures for the Adventure Duck Contest (see below) and watched the Sunday night football by the pool again, but this time we were wrapped up in blankets!


This is Howard the duck. He just finished college and decided to take a cruise to Hawaii. While in Hawaii he tried ziplining 
and even went snorkeling 
but forgot to put on sunscreen... he got burnt, but that is okay because he got Lei -ed.  (grown I know) 
Today’s Forecast:  Partly Cloudy High 70 Low 62

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