Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Glendale Glitters

 My brother and his kids met Kenny and I up at Glendale Glitters on Tuesday night. It was a little disappointing since there were no vendors around... not much to do but take a few laps around the park looking at lights. The boys of course enjoyed it... until someone stole Little Brian's bag of candy! Kenny, Krissy and the boys were running and wrestling in the grassy area and Brian and I had sat down. Little Brian set us bag right by us and it just dis appeared! grrr
Jacob and Little Brian (before his candy was taken!) 
Jacob, me and Little Brian (he is crying about his candy bag) 
As you can see I was not pleased about the Kenny and Brian taking pictures of little Brain crying. I hate when they tease him! 
Little Brian and Jake with their silly mustaches (we took em to McDonalds inside Walmart after Glendale Glitters)

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