Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 11- At Sea- Same ol’ same ol’

The days at sea were really starting to drag on us… we were bored and just trying to stay busy so this morning we started our day with a fruit and vegetable carving demonstration.

We attended Ukulele class, but even that was turning more into a chore… The teacher, Dave, made it more like school than a fun workshop on vacation (like the first teacher, Chris had done).

We caught the Seyranyan Sisters’ show. They were amazing contortionist, although I think I could do some of those moves when I was a kid (yeah right ha ha ).

We attended the tequila tasting next… You can see how I felt about the Tequila!

Poor Kenny had to drink almost all of the samples since none of us liked them. They served chips with salsa which I was trilled about… unfortunately it wasn’t great… our first site of Mexican food- fail.

Sarah, Barb and I went to try our skills at ribbon Lei making… It was pretty frustrating having 50 students and 1 teacher so Barb and Sarah decided to sit out. Another student ended up teaching me and I enjoyed it.

We decided to play “Passenger Feud” and had a pretty good time with that. Some of the questions were a riot, like “ What things to other passengers do that annoy you”.

Kenny and I decided to try the basketball free throw contest next. Pretty neat being on the top deck of the ship on the open ocean shooting some hoops! One guy asked me if I play in a league and I told him, “No, I haven’t played with since High School.” And he said “Well you have a nice shot, great form” Made me feel pretty good!

That night we caught two shows, Bernie Fields Harmonica virtuoso– (the best part of that show was the drinks Sarah bought us) and Illusionist Alexander. The Illusionist was great!

Today’s Forecast: Partly Cloudy High 75 low 64

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