Friday, January 28, 2011

Rowdy Game

DATE NIGHT! Kenny and I skipped off to dinner and the Suns game Friday night. I was especially excited because I haven't been to a game in 3 weeks because of all the games we gave away for Christmas! Before the game we went out to Cadillac Ranch out in Tempe (see the car up on the 2nd floor?) : 

We had a groupon that we needed to use... Kenny ordered stake and I ordered mushroom pasta... we both agreed we could have made it better ourselves. The service was poor and the food was expensive. The decorations were pretty awesome, however it was defiantly geared towards a younger crowd. We probably won't be back 
We got to the game early so we could try to get on TV. I was so excited, but this was old hat for Kenny since he has already been on TV 3 times!! 
In the shot we were off to the side and we couldn't see ourselves on the monitors there, but when we got home and viewed the pregame show we discovered we were on the for several minutes! Crazy right!? 
It was a really great game to watch. I guess the Celtics are one of the best teams in the league right now and the suns have been doing terrible... we were both thinking they would loose! 
The stands were filled with green shirts... it was worse than a Lakers game and the crowd noise was just as loud when the Celtics made a shot as when the Suns did. I am not sure why but this couple a few rows in front of us were especially mouthy... even though they were loosing their fans were still obnoxious. He was foul mouthed and rude! I guess someone finally complained about him,  because he started saying things like "On no, Holy Smokes" etc and security was watching him from the entrance. It was kind of funny, but still annoying.

The Celtics coach , Doc Rivers got ejected in the first half and in the 4th quarter one of their stars Kevin Garnett was ejected. It was pretty awesome they played Hit the Road Jack...

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