Saturday, January 22, 2011

5 kids!

Tonight Michelle and Trevor cashed in their Christmas gift from Kenny and I - 4 hours of babysitting- so they could have a night out. PLUS we had the boys... that is FIVE children under the age of 5! (5,4,2 and the 1 year old twins). Craziness! I mentioned to my friend Melodi what we were doing and she offered to come help! She has a degree in children's education and is a teacher (I think 5 year olds). It was the easiest babysitting experience EVER! The babies were happy (which they usually are), the 3 boys played outside together and we had fun. 
 The boys played wii 
 and Matt clapped when Little Brian got a strike!! It was adorable - 
 Little Emma
 Jacob got a little jealous of Zack. Zack likes to pretend tickle my feet and I laugh and laugh and then tickle him... Jacob watched us for awhile and then took his socks off and laid down next to Zack and asked me to tickle him. Also, I was sitting with Zack in my lap and Jacob came over and basically sat next to Zack in my lap and inched him out until he was in my lap and Zack was next to me. 
 They boys said they liked babysitting and that Emma was so cute. 
 Melodi read a few books to the kids and they really enjoyed it.
 Zack chillin' (notice little Brian in the background totally engrossed in the Veggie Tales movie) 
While Mel and I were babysitting Kenny went out to the Barret Jackson Car auction/show in Scottsdale. He was supposed to meet up with some friends but they were an hour and half late so he ended up leaving shortly after they got there. He said there were some AWESOME cars there... the fastest car in the world, a million dollar car and lots of classics. 

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