Monday, January 10, 2011

Little B

Tonight I got to see Little Brian at my grandma's house! Its sad how much you take for granted when you think you will always have someone in your life, but I didn't take tonight for granted! We did his homework together and talked about school. When he finished writing out his name he pointed out he had 2 R's and two O's and then let me know that his name was not Bunkie anymore and everyone should only call him Brian (which I pretty much always do anyway). In the next couple weeks they are going on a field trip to the Space Center in Peoria which he seemed pretty excited about. He cracks me up with his answers to my questions and the ideas he has. He has a friend that is a girl named Jenna... but she is not his girlfriend and he doesn't want to marry her. 

After dinner he cleared all the paper plates and napkins and put them in the trash. He then sat and stared at grandma waiting for her to be finished. We kept telling him she wasn't done, so he 'patiently' waited for her to be done. Grandma and I couldn't help but laugh at this because when my brother and I were little my grandparents came over almost every Sunday for dinner. Brian or I would be on dish detail and when we were done eating we would quickly clear the table and start the dishes so we could be done quicker. It was kinda of a running joke that you had to eat quick or hold on to your plate so we wouldn't take it prematurely. 

Also, he lost his first tooth! I am not sure exactly when it happened, but I asked him how it happened and he said he was just eating. I said, "oh no, did you swallow the tooth?" He said, "No, I gave it to my dad." Apparently the tooth fairy hasn't visited him yet, but I think she might soon ; )

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