Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jackie and Jackie

Tonight I was blessed to spend an evening with my two friends both named Jackie. Jackie K. is my friend from work who I have been going to craft classes on and off for about a year and Jackie F. is my piano teacher I met this summer at the Bible study I participated in. We carpooled out to Mesa together and Jackie K surprised us with delicious Carolina's tacos to eat on the way out there. This was Jackie F's first Scrapbook's etc class and we were so excited for her and just knew she would be as impressed as we were with the whole set up.

We made these cards:

There is so much going on in our lives right now it was nice to have a night to retreat away and just talk and laugh and have someone listen who doesn't have an opinion about what needs to be done. I am lucky to have these very nice, caring,  Christian women in my life.

I came home to a nice clean picked up house and a fridge fully stocked up with water thanks to my brother. It is nice to have someone in the house that does little things to help us out. He even remember to buy dog food for our little piggies (which I didn't even remember and Kenny is in Vegas all week!) and returned the movie I had rented on Monday night.  It has been a crazy week and we are only half way through it!

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