Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas in Jan

Today my mom cashed in her last Christmas present.  She received a purple Suns shirt and a ticket to the game.  We started the night at Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  Then we headed to the Purple Palace.  This was my mom' s first Suns game since the Van Arsdale days.  Or at least that's one on the old timers she mentioned.  lol.  We decided to try to get our fifteen minutes of fame and tried to get on TV.  Amanda recorded it off the tv to post it here.  

We kept trying to get on TV.  
We were on the pregame show and the half time show.

We ended up having a lot fun.  Unfortunately the Suns lost to the New York Knicks.  It was the first time Amare visited the purple palace since he left during free agency.  It was a good ole butt kickin.  Maybe mom can go back and see a win.  

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