Friday, January 28, 2011


So you may or may not have figured out from my posts that my brother and his 2 sons have moved into our home. Its exciting and terrifying and has the best and worst week ever! Some of the details I don't want to share, but lets just say it has been emotionally draining and extremely stressful dealing with my soon to be ex sister-in-law. 

I am trying to enjoy the time my brother and nephews are here in our home, because I know it could end abruptly (on the flip side it could be months and months). I absolutely love having the time with my awesome nephews and all of the Taylor boys have brought so my joy into our home! The first week my brother was here we stayed up late ever night talking and watching TV. I had forgotten how much I enjoy just hanging out with him! I love the path his life is one and it so good to see him happy after so many years of unhappiness. I pray everyday he continues on this difficult but straight and narrow path! 

Kenny has been amazing through this whole process and even though he is struggling to get used to two kids in the house, he has an awesome attitude about it. I know he loves having them here, but it is still quite an adjustment from our mellow, quiet home he is used to. He plays with the kids all the time and has been cooking dinner all week! He helps Little Brian with his homework and encourages him when he gets frustrated with it. He stops at the store and buys special treats for the boys (which I think is just adorable). We reorganized our room and bought a nice TV so he can have a little bit of a man cave when he needs to escape and have his own time. 

My brother and I also made him an office space in my craftroom and he really likes it (even though it is PINK!). Kenny says that it is the best room in the house because it is the coolest (in both the winter and summer) and he likes the nice big window and having such a big work space (both my craft tables). 

All that being said, things are good, but not easy. It is still frustrating to give up things we are used to (ie eating out, fun social activities etc) while we are trying to provide for our new 'extended family'. It is also frustrating to go to work while my brother is off everyday and enjoying our nice home and amenities... He is NOT lazy by any stretch of the imagination and he tries very hard to contribute to the household in anyway he can (ie cleaning up everyday without being asked and doing projects on the house). In the short time he has been here he already redone our backyard,  painted the office (which is his room while he lives here) and reorganized our garage! He also helps with errands and really anything that he can do, he will. 
Before of the "friends room" / office 
After - no more purple 
I know there are tons of people out there that have multiple families living in the same household so I wonder if anyone has tips on how to make it successful? I recently read an article that 1 in 4 homes has more than one family living in it these days! That is crazy! Our economy is crippled and there just aren't enough jobs to go around! We (my brother, Kenny and I) have talked about our fears of ruining our relationship by living together and we all want this to work... 

I can't remember where I heard this quote (maybe from the Bible), but it fits here ; "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it" Seriously, the minor luxuries we have to give up are nothing compared to providing a safe, structured home for the boys and a happy, healthy environment for my brother during this transition period. 


  1. Sorry, I have no tips for you. Maybe make sure you and Kenny can still get away from time to time just the 2 of you?

    It's awesome that you're helping out your brother and nephews. I hope everything smooths out soon! Good luck!

  2. I would say communication is key. The office and new tv are such a good idea to create a little separate space. Good Luck with everything. I know that this is probably a hard transition, but it is so nice of you guys to help out and be there for your family.