Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brothers Game

Today the Lopez twins went head-to-head so who better to take to the game then Brian, Amanda's brother.  Considering I'm the bigger Suns fan I got to go with Brian.  We went ahead and parked and decided to go look for something to eat.  Vanburen was shut down from 3rd street to 1st street for some type of awareness for the Tucson shootings.  We randomly walked into Hooters and were seated.  After looking over the menu we both chose to get up and look for something else to eat.  We walked around the Arizona Center and then took off looking for food.  On the way Brian got himself some free signs.  The American flag on one side and the Arizona state flag on the other.  He'll take anything if it's free.  We walked over to Majerles, but they were too busy to get a seat and make the game.  We wondered over to some place called 5 men hamburgers or something like that.  After dinner it was time for the game.    We tried during the halftime show to get on TV, and did.  Only for a second or two.

 The Suns went into overtime and pulled away with the victory from the New Jersey Nets.
Note added by Amanda: The boys LOVED seeing their dad and Uncle Kenny on TV! They were squealing and pointing at the TV. They said what do those signs say? So I read them "Hi boys" and "Go to bed" and they said "ahhh" It was so funny. I let them stay up late because we were baking sugar cookies.
Here is a picture of our cookies. The boys did so good making them and were totally engaged the entire evening! We didn't even turn on the TV except to see the guys! 

 For some reason two guys forgot to bring the camera so only one picture exist of the evening.

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