Monday, January 17, 2011

Grandma's Birthday

This evening we celebrated my grandma's birthday with a girls night in.  My mom and I went over and we had pizza and cake and opened presents. Then we watched Eat, Pray, Love because we had all been wanting to see it.
 Lucy was way jealous of grandma's cozy cuddles Lion! It has scented beads in its belly and when you microwave him he stays warm and smells good... 
When I got home the boys were still awake (although they shouldn't have been since it was past 9). Little Brian said, where you been? I said, "I went to work and then to Grandma's house." He said,  "Oh. But this your house and I not find you any where and I look all day. I miss you today." Isn't that cute!? And then Jacob told me that he farted and laughed... ah... life with boys = cute to disgusting in 2 seconds flat.

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