Sunday, January 2, 2011

Food Tour

For our anniversary Kenny and I went on Food Tour in Old town Scottsdale. Turns out this was a really touristy thing to do as all the other parties in the group were from out of town. We started at the old Red building in the center of town. 

Kenny waiting for the tour to begin 
we met the founder of Scottsdale : 

Our first stop was the Rusty Spur where we tried the South of the Border Burger (Burger with cheese, bacon and roasted green chillies). I think of all the stops this was BY FAR Kenny's favorite! 

He was right in his element listening to the country music in the small rustic bar. The building was originally a bank and still contains the original vault, which they now store the liquor in! In the 1950's the bank was turned into the Rusty Spur and has been a stopping place for cowboys ever since. They have a fun tradition where you can write on a dollar bill and hang it on the wall. At the end of the year they take them all down and buy toys for children at Christmas time. The walls were pretty bare since Christmas has just passed so we put up a dollar.

Next we were off to Outrageous Oils and Vinegars. It seems a little weird to me to taste test oil and vinegar, but it was surprisingly delicious! We tried EVOO, a flavored oil, 18 year aged Balsamic vinegar and a chocolate vinegar. I absolutely loved the 18 year aged balsamic vinegar, but at $18 a bottle I knew that would go against my new years resolution of 'saving money' so I didn't purchase one... maybe someone will get it for my birthday!

wheel chair - ha ha 

We walked through the art district to a Wine place just off the main drag. It was called Su Vino (your wine). Kenny and I aren't much for vine drinking but we tried the 2 wines anyway. If we were into wine I would defiantly go back. You can make your own custom batches of wine and even bottle it yourself there!

We walked up through town to our next stop called Frank and Lupe's where they serves New Mexican style food. I guess the main difference in Mexican and New Mexican style food is the chillies. They served us each a stuffed sopapilla. It was pretty tasty, but nothing I would rush back to eat.

The next stop was a higher end more 'Scottsdale' type restaurant called Cowboy Ciao. This restaurant is known for their unique combination of food...  We sampled Pigs n puddin'... Kenny wouldn't even taste his, but I ate it and I it actually tasted pretty good if you could get over the sight, smell and texture.

Our last stop was the good ol' Sugar Bowl. Kenny and I had attempted to eat here a while back and walked out because it was too dirty... We did enjoy their specialty dessert called a Top Hat Sundae, A cream puff filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with Hot Fudge.

We walked about 2 miles during the tour and found a bunch of neat places to eat and some fun places to shop. I am looking forward to our next trip out to Scottsdale.

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