Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Birthday, First Birthday

Today we got to celebrate the twin's birthday at Michelle's house. We also celebrated Kim's birthday too since her birthday is next week. Kenny and I got her a little frame with a picture of Brittany and Chris hugging :) and it says "priceless" in the corner. 

The gifts
Michelle made all the cakes for the kids. I loved this one in the middle ! Turns out she decorated it in like 3 minutes! We pulled up and she realized she hadn't frosted the last cake and did it while we were walking up to the house... um wow those are some mad decorating skills! 
She also made these bear cakes for each twin (see later photos....) 
Emma's cake

Kenny and Matt
Michelle decorated their shirts too! Matt's says "Its my first birthday" and Emma's says "It's my birthday, too!"
It's my party and I will cry if I want to! 
These kids will be walking before we know it! 
Smiley Emma! 
Matt and his grandma (Nanette) 
Time to open presents! 
If I ever get to have kids and am faced with the challenge of sitting down in front of a group of people to read cards and open gifts I hope I am half as good at it as Michelle! She reads the cards so quickly and clearly while the babies are grabbing it, squealing and crawling away. Its awesome. 

Here are the kids getting ready to open our gifts
They had to take a break while Matt sucked on Emma's toes - lol 
We really wanted to get something special for the twins FIRST BIRTHDAY and decided on quilts (and a toy)! I am so glad we did, because everyone really seemed to like them : ) In fact Michelle's friend Pat even clapped for us... lol it was cute and I was on cloud nine! I didn't take pictures of them all laid out but you can kinda see them here. Matt's is primary colors with a farm theme- 
Emma's is just really soft and fun girlie colors.  

I didn't get a picture but Matt kept rolling on Emma's quilt and rubbing his face on it. It was adorable. 
I'd say the doll was a winner too! I love that little girl's laugh! 

Next it was time for cake. I am not sure where the tradition came from, but it is defiantly a Ross family tradition that each kid gets an entire cake to devour on their FIRST BIRTHDAY. You can see Zack's here and he gave us a little rerun today too! Hilarious! 
Emma and her cake- 
Zack entertaining us all 
Matt and his cake! 

Michelle sent me these pictures tonight. I LOVE that they are using the quilts : ) 

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