Saturday, January 1, 2011

Family Hangin'

Sarah organized a good old fashion family hangin.... of pictures that is! She invited the family over to hang all her pictures in her hall way. She also made a big pot of chicken n dumplins and black eyed peas and pork for their New Years tradition. As with most projects Kenny usually ends up working on most of it while the rest of us talk and play with the kids... poor guy. We love him and are super grateful for all he does though!! XOXO Kenny and I both weren't feeling very good so we didn't hang out for very long after we finished hanging pictures.
The houseful (and I still don't think everyone was in it!) 
Matt gives out smiles freely... to his Aunt Barb!! He is such a cutie even with his 7 stitches on his eye from his fall into the baby gate last week. 
Emma and one of her many expressions. This kid cracks me up! 
The hall finished up... down you can take a trip down memory lane as you walk to the restroom. 

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