Sunday, April 29, 2012

This Week

Monday we had planned to go back to work, but when that alarm went off I just wanted to keep hitting snooze! Kenny leaned over and said, "They already think we aren't coming in..." that was all it took for me to decide to stay home and continue our vacation with a STAYCATION! I went back to sleep until 9:30!

We lounged around all morning and then met Sarah in the afternoon at the movies to see, The Lucky One which Sarah and I really enjoyed and Kenny didn't hate- WIN! Sarah had some car issues, so we followed her to the dealership, but everything ended up being fine. We parted ways and Kenny and I went to Costco.

We aren't dieting per se, but we are trying to make healthier choices... exercising more and getting our and veggie servings in as well as the right amount of water! If my friends go out for lunch and want me to come along, I am still going to go... and I am still going to have a Dr. Pepper now and then, just not everyday all day...

Tuesday I had Piano like always. I am preparing for my first recital, which terrifies me... I am doing a 6 handed song with 2 other ladies... should be interesting. Kenny went to the gym, because he is awesome. We did a lot around the house that evening and I was exhausted by the time I climbed into bed!

I mentioned before about Bikram Yoga... I was less than excited about it the hours right after I did it... BUT the next day I felt amazing! My skin felt softer, I had energy and was alert and was in a great mood. I knew I had to try again... with more water that is! Since the first class is free if you like them on FB I asked Kenny and my brother to go... well I dared my brother to do it. So Wednesday after work we all went. They guys did pretty good, but we all had our moments where we had to sit and take a rest. The heat didn't bother me near as much this time and I felt fine after wards. My brother did great (how annoyed lol) and was pretty flexible. Kenny decided he liked it enough to and joined for a month with me! My brother couldn't get out of there quick enough to go light a cigarette!
My MIL, Barb's Cactus bloomed this week- too amazing not to share
When I got home Thursday I got a REALLY nice Surprise. Kenny cleaned the entire house for me! We always clean on Thursdays because that is Bible Study night and we have my family over. It was SO nice not to have to come home and clean : ) Huge wait off my shoulders and a nice surprise. 

I also picked up this canvas from Costco tonight- I know I took a picture of a picture here... but I really love how the canvas came out! They do a great job. We finally have something up on our walls in the bedroom... I painted a LONG time ago! 

My mom made dinner this week for Bible study so I just had to make dessert. I choose to try Snicker Salad this week: 
(tastes like a yummy carmel apple with nuts and chocolate)

Cool whip
one package of instant vanilla pudding (small box)
one cup of milk
Snickers (frozen or cold - easier to chop)
green apples (tart, with a little sweet and lots of juicy)

1.Add instant pudding into mixing bowl and pour in 1 Cup cold milk. Mix well and let chill while chopping candy.

2.Chop Snickers bars into bite size pieces (I usually use about 2 bags of mini sickers or more - I like A LOT or about 10-15 king size). I have added Milky way bars and Rolos in with the Snickers before or you can omit the Snickers and just add Rolos and Milky Way bars if there is a peanut allergy.

3.Chop green apples into bite sized pieces (I use about 8-10)

4.Fold in one 8 ounce container of Cool Whip (or more if you think it needs more. I usually buy the 16 ounce container just in case) into the pudding.

5.Combine candy and apples in bowl with pudding mixture.

I loved it. It made A LOT though. I took it to work the next day and the apples were a little soggy, but it still tasted great. 

Bible study was really good. We are doing a Joyce Meyer book called Battlefield of the Mind. This weeks chapter was about our thoughts. Dinner was really great too, my mom made the traditional Taylor Shepard's Pie. It just taste better when she makes it. 

My friend at work gave me some hand-me-downs for the boys. They loved it all ! They played with this tent all night long: 

Jacob got out the United States puzzle and started working on it. I sat down with him and Little Brian to help them finish it. I told them little tid bites that I knew about different states and where we have traveled, where their grandpa was born etc. Little Brian was extremely interested and engaged and asked me all kinds of questions. My favorite was, "Where are the soldiers?" I knew there was a base in Kentucky so that is where I told him. He said, "When I get big I need you to drive me there and then I will be a soldier"

This is supposed to be #6 (and it will be someday)
Friday night was SUPER busy! Kenny and I did HOT Yoga after work. I actually attempted all 26 positions that night (I couldn't in the past because I had to take breaks because of the heat). I felt great afterwards. Kenny did really good too and we are both still getting used to the heat... and 45% humidity!

After Yoga we grabbed a quick bit at Chipotle- a reward for our efforts that week. We had to hurry home and load our old black refrigerator on the truck. Luckily my brother came over and helped us out. We dropped off the fridge to my co-worker, Josh who needed it right away and then made it with about 10 mins to spare to Saguaro Ranch for my softball game. I was filling in for Beth's team again. I got a really great hit on my first bat- Kenny said he actually thought wow that Yoga really is making a difference because of the power behind my hit : )  Beth ended up making it in time to play the second game so I told them I would take off. Mo asked if I would stay and just bat! I didn't stay, but was tickled to death that they thought I was that good!!

We ended up getting home after 10AM and were just beat!

Saturday morning we drank our breakfast (spinach, broccoli, lettuce and carrots) and headed out to Buckeye to pick up Sarah's truck. I drove our vehicle, Kenny drove his Bubba's truck and Sarah drove her vehicle and we had a caravan up north. To be honest I was dreading the 3 hour drive by myself up to the cabin. It turned out just fine though... blaring tunes, singing to the steering wheel and thinking about thoughts. It was a nice break. I did have to make a pit stop at the CLOSED Roosevelt rest stop... I just couldn't make it to Payson. Drinking all this water is great,but not on a road trip! Sarah treated us to brunch at the Knotty Pine Cafe in Payson. After lunch I got to peek into the local Scrapbook Store. I just love that store and will be stopping in all summer as we pass through!

Kenny got everything turned on, unloaded and unpacked for his Nana... not that she wasn't right by his side helping. She is just so awesome. Great attitude, fun personality. Just nice to be around.

We headed back down the hill that evening and again were exhausted.

Sunday we slept in again and got things done around the house. I made a package for Susie, Kenny's step mom- I had been collecting things to send her 'a box of Sunshine' this summer, but since she just had a total knee replacement I decided to send it early!

I also worked on the work bulletin board for the Health & Wellness committee that I have procrastinated since January.... I didn't finish it, but I am taking it back to the office and hanging it up the way it is... I will add to it here and there.
Barb came over this evening for dinner. She brought steaks, potatoes and corn on the cob. Kenny cooked it all to perfection. Kenny also changed the oil in her car while she was over. We had a nice chat and talked about upcoming vacations and plans- so excited for Hawaii next year!

Anyway, that was our week- how was yours??? 

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  1. That's sounds like an eventful week. Yoga is amazing. I really like it and am amazed with how good it makes me feel... especially considering how awkward a lot of it feels when you are doing it. haha. That's cool that Kenny is going with you. I don't think I could convince Tony, but at least he is supportive and I don't have to find a babysitter. :) I like your box of sunshine, what a cute idea. :)