Friday, April 13, 2012

13 Pillowcases for charity on Friday the 13th

My friend Carol told me about this online event  because she thought it was something I might be interested in.  Basically its a virtual 'sew in' and this month they are working on sewing pillow cases for kids with cancer . I was really excited about it until I realized the 20th is when we were going to CA.... so I decided to block off a  different Friday night to make time to sew the pillow cases.

Since I was sewing on Friday the 13th I decided that was as good a number as any and decided to make 13 different pillow cases.  Kenny went with me to Hobby Lobby and Joanns to pick out all my fabrics... and even donated $40 out of his allowance to help me pay for the materials! (yes we get allowances...). The total cost for the project was $105. 

I prewashed all the fabrics and even sewed a few of the pillow cases before my sewing night.

Kenny and my brother went to see American Reunion (not my style of movie...) and I watch the boys... well they played wii in the same room as I sewed. 

I did sew one pillow case on my new (OLD) machine, but then the bobbin ran out and I didn't want to use up too much sewing time to figure out how to thread the bobbin so I switched to my Bernina. 

It was a pretty fun project and I am excited that Carol told me about it. I know the kiddos will love the fabrics we choose and hopefully it will make their day a little better. 

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