Friday, April 20, 2012

CA trip - getting there

On our way to CA this trip we stopped in Palm Springs to ride the Worlds Largest Rotating Tram cars! 

This was one of those things that I always say I want to do in passing, but we never have time to stop and do. 

I have been to palm springs before, but it was for business so I didn't have time to explore... I was really surprised at how HOT it was outside! It was hotter than Phoenix... at the base of the mountain! 

A view from inside the tram (you stand the whole time) 

At the top there was SNOW!!

I was only expecting to find one building with a restaurant at the top of the mountain. I didn't know there was over 14,000 acres of hiking up there!!! There is so much to be discovered at the top of the mountain!

We had fun watching the squirrels (and not feeding them...)

View of the Palm Springs from the top of the moutain 

Kenny and I 

Me and Kenny 

We didn't spend much time at the top, but we wouldn't mind going back to hike up there. It is a really neat place. 

When we got closer to our destination the weather cooled and fog filled the atmosphere. 

We got to CA with time to explore the beach near the Montage Hotel. This is the place Sally took me the last time I was in CA for work. I really wanted to show Kenny this place and explore the tide pools with him. Unfortunately, the water was much higher than when I had been there before so there wasn't much to see in the tide pools.

We walked hand in hand along the resort sidewalks and onto the cool beach. 

The tide pool beach area 

It was a pretty amazing day! I had my toes in snow and ocean water in the same day!! 

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