Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Magical Day in CA

Saturday morning we made our way to Balboa island. It was such a beautiful morning, the weather was cool - on the verge of cold, damp and overcast. We walked along the streets lined with beach homes with porches decked out with amazing flowers, trees and bushes. I couldn't stop taking pictures. The area was just too beautiful! Here are some of the pictures. 

After we explored the island and looked around a few unique shops we walked about a mile to the ferry and took it across to Balboa fun zone!

Kenny and I on the Ferry

Balboa Fun Zone from across the water

After walking up and down the cute, old fashion streets we had lunch a local pizza place and for dessert we sought out a Balboa Bar! Balboa bars are a snack the main characters of our beloved show the OC once ate! So naturally we had to try one. The stand we choose dipped the bars in fresh melted chocolate and then dipped in nuts or sprinkles! OMW they were SO good!

Kenny and I with our Balboa bars 
The OC characters Marissa and Ryan shared their first kiss at a school carnival on the Ferris wheel... well that Ferris wheel is actually the one at Balboa Fun Zone so we bought tickets to ride!

We tried and tried to get the perfect picture of ourselves... I think this one was my favorite :)

We made our way back to the island and picked up some California grown strawberries... they were to.die.for! Kenny doesn't like strawberries so I savored the entire countainer over the next couple day!

Next we decided to check some other places where the OC show was filmed. We went to the highschool... it looked nothing like it did on the show, so either it wasn't actually filmed there or they have remodeled in the last 10 years. 
Newport Harbor High School 
Next we went to Crystal Cove- you might recognize this scene from the opening credits! We took a bunch of pictures on this beach (see separate post)

We also headed to the mall and tried to find the restaurant the Cohen's (from the OC) ordered take out from all the time... I think that too was either fake or has gone out of business. The internet information I had was old, but it said the restaurant and the HS were real... Oh well they were still fun places to go.
The outdoor mall 

Our hotel was kind of crappy... our balcony was practically on the freeway and it was hard to sleep. We took sleeping pills the second night! Other than the proximity to the freeway the hotel was really nice and new with free breakfast: )

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