Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kenny's 31st bday

Kenny's birthday fell on Easter this year so we celebrated a day early. Kenny didn't have any specific wants for his birthday and said I could plan whatever... woooo sounds FUN! I was going to do a Choose You Own Adventure Day for him, however I discovered most of the things he would want to do would require a reservation so a few days before his celebration day I let the cat out of the bag. 

We started the day with a round of Golf with my brother at Pueblo Mirage. 

Me and hubs our on the golf course 

As always our golf game was filled with lots of laughter. On Hole 5 my brothers ball landed right behind a tree. When my brother went to hit the ball Kenny said, "Don't even worry about that tree you aren't going to hit it." Brian took his full swing and that ball came blazing back at us full force after it bounced off the tree!!

After a quick lunch at Samuri Sams Kenny and I headed to Massage Envy for Massages.  It was my first real massage and I didn't really like it... Kenny loved it and thats what mattered.

In the evening, Kenny, Brian and I headed out to Buckeye for some homemade chicken n dumplins with his mom and Nana.

Kenny got a really nice dart board from his mom and Nana that he had been wanting: 

Jello cake made by Barb 

Sarah and Kenny 

After dinner we went over to ____ to listen to some live country music and hang out. We discovered the back area of the bar was way more fun than the front where the band plays! They have Karaoke, pool, darts, horseshoes etc.  
Barb Singing 

The Band sand Happy Birthday to Kenny ! 

Kenny and Brian 

Happy 31st Birthday Kenny!! 

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