Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dirty 6 Mud Run (take 2)

This was my brother and my second time doing this race and Kenny's first mud run! We did the 3 mile (not the 6 as the race is named after).
We were on a team with Stargret and her son Jonathan, but they didn't show up so we were on our own. 

I felt really bad for slowing the guys down. I can walk forever, but running... I just feel like my heart is doing to explode!  The guys were really sweet about it and Brian even said, "If we run it will just be over sooner, this way we get our $35 worth" 

This year they added some different obstacles. First we were locked in a portable storage unit/trailer that had 2 huge bay doors... one to entry and one to exit. They packed us in like sardines and then opened the door after several minutes... when we run out we were hosed down by firefighters with fire hoses! It was a cold/crazy way to start the race! 

They had the same mud pits as before... 

Me coming out of the mud pit 

Me, Brian and Kenny 
They also added a climbing obstacle where you had to use a rope and climb over a storage unit trailer and drop down into a mud pit... this meant I had to be pulled up over a storage unit and dropped into a mud pit!

The end was more firefighters spraying us, a large slip and slide followed by a pool of water. 

A fun run/walk! 

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