Friday, April 13, 2012

New Old Sewing Machine

After sewing on my Aunt's antique featherweight Singer I decided I would like to have one someday... I looked on e-bay to see what the prices looked like... they were priced from $400 to $800... then I checked Craigslist... same thing... but there was one post for $145... 

I WAS just browsing, but I am not one to pass up a deal. 

It was late at night when I noticed the ad so I had to wait until Friday morning to call. I anxiously waited until 9AM and then escaped to the porch at work and called... the owner of the machine was named Betty (like my grandma). She was eager to sell the machine and had someone coming to look at 11. I was strongly disappointed, but she quickly encouraged me to come before then... I knew Kenny had an appointment in that exact area so I called him to see if would be able to go by. He said he had a gap in his appointments and would be able to make it (Dang am I spoiled or what????). 

He called me back and said the other buyer had beaten him there.... I said, "Oh well I guess it wasn't meant to be. Thanks for taking the time to check it out." He laughed (so pleased that he got me) and said just kidding its awesome and I bought it! YIPPPEEEEE !! He felt bad about beating the other buyer to the punch, but the seller encouraged us to buy so maybe there was no other buyer... 

Anyway, I am now the proud owner of a WORKING 1956 Featherweight Singer!! 

I just love it! I will need to have it serviced and a new belt, but its still a smokin' deal!! 

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