Friday, April 6, 2012

Softball fill in

Candice, Beth and I WAAAY back when 
My old friend Beth asked me to fill in on her co-ed softball team for two games tonight.

Although, I was really excited to play I was a pretty nervous too.

I dragged my amazing husband along for support :)

I played right field and thought I was pretty safe out there.... but the FIRST ball hit of the night came straight to me.... I sort of swatted at it as it passed me and then chased it down. Ughhhh. Other than that I did pretty well the rest of the night. Got a hit every time I was up to bat and got on base several of those times.

The team won the first game and lost miserably the second game.

It felt great to get back out on the field, wish I could get a bunch of people together for a team!

After the game we had a great time chatting with Beth. She has some amazing work stories (she is a police officer). Kenny really enjoyed her too- hope we can get together more often!

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