Sunday, April 1, 2012

'Cooking Cupcakes' - An April Fool's Day Prank

For April Fools day, we (Kenny, me, Little Brian and Jacob) made some 'cupcakes' and punch for the rest of the family today...

The Cupcakes were made out of meat loaf with mashed potato frosting... and the punch was actually jello! 

They boys were SO tickled with the idea of tricking their dad and grandparents. 

If you want to make your own mashed potato cupcakes its actually really easy... just prepare the meatloaf  like you normally would and plop a handful into each muffin tin spot. 1 lb made 9 cupcakes for me. Cook them for about 30 mins at 375. For the frosting use instant mashed potatoes because they have a better consistency to frost with. Also, I used food coloring to complete the effect...

Serious business of decorating the cupcakes :

The finished project:

The boys could hardly stand themselves it was so adorable how excited they were. When we walked in Little Brian said , "We made you cupcakes and punch!!" We herded everyone for to the table so they could try everything.

Once they figured out they couldn't drink the punch, Jacob said "You can't drink it because its stuck" LOL

My mom figured out it was meatloaf and mashed potatoes right away... they boys were thrilled with their prank.

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