Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just Saturday

We were supposed to go to the Olive Farm today with Jereme and Melodi, but Kenny and I decided we didn't want to make the drive out to Queen Creek so we cancelled. 

We ended up buzzing by Checker to get some FREE Suns tickets (if you spent $20). 

It was chilly waiting in line, but the boys got to get their picture with the Gorilla- 

After Checker we (okay mostly me) were starving so we went to Lenny's Burger shop. I had a Living Social Deal I wanted to use, but it turned out to be for the wrong location. We ate there anyway.

Then we headed to Metro Center to use an indoor (thank goodness because it was chilly today) mini golf Groupon. That mall sure has changed since I used to shop there 15+ years ago... there are lots of empty suits and a lot more entertainment type stores (like the mini golf).

The boys just LOVED golfing in the dark with the black lights. They did REALLY well too. Its cute how my brother keeps encouraging Jacob to be a lefty like him.

Little Brian got his first HOLE IN ONE! And it was on this hole that was pretty difficult! So proud of that boy! 

After golfing we decided to go to the correct Lenny's burger shop to use our deal and get shakes for everyone. On the way there Little Brian had a little bit of a melt down. I sat in the car with him and talked a little but about his mom and her situation. I explained what I could and let him ask questions. I really feel for him. I know what it is like to miss someone. 5 yeas will be a very long time for a little boy who is only 7 now.

We tried to enjoy our shakes ---especially since they only cost 39 cents (okay plus the cost of the living social deal, but still CHEAP) - I got the caramel one I had been craving. 

Jacob loved his Chocolate one- 

Later in the evening Kenny went to dinner with his mom at Carrabbas Italian Grill. They both ordered lasagna and when the server brought the food he set the plate down in front of his mom and Kenny said, "Oh wait I ordered the lasagna" Always the joker. He really enjoyed the food and the company. After dinner they went to the Roman's County Line to listen to some live country music. Kenny said the band was really good.

While he was visiting I was having some girly time with Blair. She has basically been a stay at home mom for the last 6+ weeks and was going a little crazy without adult interaction. Allan is super busy with school, work and his band and just doesn't have a lot of spare time... Blair ordered us some delicious Chinese food (WAY better than the $27 meal I got from PF Changs on Friday afternoon!!) and we watched Breaking Dawn, but mostly just chatted. As always I just love spending time with Blair.

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