Sunday, April 8, 2012


The Easter bunny was a little late to delivery his baskets this year... I guess he was thinking it would be nice if Aunt Amanda and Uncle Kenny could see the boys find them when we came over for breakfast... oops. 

They really enjoyed them when they did find them : ) 

Little Brian showing me his basket 

Jacob and his basket of goodies 
Oh and Jacob was just so proud of these eggs he decorated at day care:

We hid eggs for the boys and they had a ball finding them all-

Oh and the Easter bunny even left a basket for Brian and my parents... don't you love the enthusiasm??

We re-hid the eggs for the boys a couple times and they hid them for all of the adults too. It was so cute how they would help us find them.

My mom, Jacob and I made some Nests that I had seen on pinterest. Jacob always likes to help, no matter what we are doing. These are similar to the haystacks that my Grandma Taylor used to make and my dad really loved them.

My brother and I made rice krispy eggs too.

When we walking out to the car my dad said, "Thanks for everything you made Easter awesome." 
So nice to hear : ) 

Before we headed out to Buckeye for I made this Peep Bouquet for the Ross family. (Everyone else got lotion from bath and body works)

Michelle really liked it, but the best part was when she showed it to Matt. He went, "Ohhhhhhhhh" and seemed absoultly amazed at it. 


Speaking of adorable, here are some pictures and videos of Emma- Could she be any cuter?? 

Kenny's Easter basket in his 31 year old basket :

Emma and Zack 

Sarah and Emma 

Oh my word I wish I would have gotten a video of Emma's 'tantrum' it was SO stinkin' cute. She starts with the lip quiver and it just gets cuter from there....

Sarah and Matt 

Emma giving Matt a big ol' Kiss 


Kenny took the kids out to see the horse. I still think it is hilarious that the twins are afraid of Barb's wiener dogs, but adored the horse...

Kenny holding Emma, Me, Michelle, Sarah, Barb, Nanette and Zack and Kim and Matt

We got home from Buckeye and had a little bit of sunlight left so we took the dogs to the park for their egg hunt. I think this was the highlight of my day. I seriously had so much fun. We had the park to ourselves. The weather was beautiful and we just played for about an hour.

Hope of course dominated in the egg hunt again since she already knew how to crack them open BUT Toby now knows how to crack them open and get the treat too! Shelby only cared about playing ball...

Hope Everyone had a wonderful Easter!!

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