Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday- The Color Run AKA the Main Event

The reason we made the trip to CA this weekend. I am actually the one who discovered the Color Run in AZ, but through some miscommunications never got registered with the team I was supposed to and missed the registration in AZ (or could have paid like $50 per person).... 

I talked to Kenny about it and we decided it would be a fun trip AND there was the whole Newport/OC thing in it for him. 

We picked up our packets on Saturday which contained our shirts, bibs, color packet, sweat band and a tattoo. We saved most of the goodies for our nephews (which they were WAY excited about). 

The Color Run is a 5K fun run/walk. At Each kilometer you are showered with this powered color and at the end you are a rainbowed mess... The event was hosted at The Orange Country Great Park. The Park used to be a Marine Air Base and is being transformed into a park that is double the size of New York's Central Park... Its pretty interesting. 

The last e-mail I got on the color run said it was going to a warm (80's ha ha) and sunny the day of the race. It was 62!! To this warm blooded Arizonian that is COLD! 

Here is us before the race: 

The start line:

We were in the second wave of 1,000 people to start!

Here we are after the first color tunnel (I had the camera set on Vivid Color). Poor Kenny got hit right in the face with a blob of the color powder...

Tunnel two was green... we all looked like packers fans!
Blue/Purple was next!

Last stop PINK! This tunnel was the craziest... all of the tunnels had a pretty good cloud going but you really couldn't see much more than a few feet in front of you in the pink tunnel and the chalk/powder was about 2 inches deep- of course turning our shoes PINK!

After the finish line!

Every 15 mins at the finish line they do a color throw. This is where you are supposed to use your color packet (we saved ours for the boys). It was a pretty neat effect to watch:

I ended up walking most of the way... I can walk forever, but I really need to work on my running... Kenny was a good sport and kept his pace slow with me. The crowd was super high energy which made people watching very interesting. We both commented that it would have been a ton of fun for my brother to have joined us or even my cousin Kenny.

After the event we were heading out of town. I tried hard to preserve the color on our shirts and not get the powder on anything else. It was actually pretty hard to keep! The powder just goes away... unless it gets wet. My running shoes are ventilated and a lot of the pink powder made it through my shoes and socks and onto my sweaty toes... staining them pink!

On our way out of town Kenny wanted to stop at Bob's Big Boy so we had lunch and some shakes.


  1. That looks like so much fun! :) You guys are so active it's pretty awesome! :)

  2. That looks awesome!!! I didn't realize the color run actually sprayed color on you, now I wish I had done it here! :)

  3. What a cool race. Great photos! My kids would love this!!!