Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Most Awesome Vacation Ever- Wednesday

Kenny getting x-rayed at security...
Jacob riding with Grandpa to drop us off

This trip sprouted from my grief when my grandma passed and all our family went home (especially my cousin Kenny). The original plan included Kenny, my mom and I going to St. Louis to visit Little Kenny for a few days… It morphed into a huge, drive everywhere, do everything, see everyone trip. About a month before the trip my mom decided she really didn’t feel comfortable leaving my dad in his current condition and wanted to give her ticket to my brother. If you have ever bought tickets from hotwire you know… that is not possible. She ended up having to eat a bunch of money and buying him another ticket!
Since Brian’s ticket was purchased after ours he got stuck flying a different airline (Delta) and had a travel plan riddled with layovers… While Kenny and I enjoyed a direct flight, Brian had to leave several hours before us, endure a layover in MinneapolisMN and Kenny and I still beat him to St. Louis! Sure we felt bad for Brian, but we also found it hilarious. My brother hasn’t flown since his years of visiting our Uncle Rick’s family in the summer; well before 9/11. It stinks that we had to travel separately, but it was such a small price to pay for the opportunity of vacationing together.

We had originally booked our rental car online... apparently it did not include everything and we ended up paying several hundred dollars more to get both my brother and Kenny down as drivers, BUT we ended up getting an SUV rather than a car since it was the middle of the night and they were out of Impala type cars!

We all wanted to stop at White Castle and get some legendary mini hamburgers... here is what we ordered:

Little Kenny and the Crave Case 

We didn't stay long... a group of black men entered the restaurant and made it very clear we were not welcome... so we headed back to my cousins house. PS Brian and I didn't really love the burgers... but the Kenny's liked them.

Little Kenny was so nice to give up his master bedroom for us! He gave Brian a spare room and he took the couch.

Here is a picture of his beautiful home (our grandma would be so proud of him!) : 

OH and I just loved his sink!!

Check out the backyard! And his yard backs up to a creek, its just beautiful

And we finally got to meet his dog, Freddy.... yes Freddy Kruger : ) 

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