Friday, August 5, 2011

Best WORK trip Ever

This was probably my BEST WORK trip ever to California. I was well received by my agents, did well in my meetings and got to see lots of cool attractions (even if some were from afar).

I met with one of my favorite agents (that we write a TON of business with) and we got to take them to lunch at a place called the Mission Inn. It is something of a land mark and it was really a neat place to see. The food was pretty tasty too.

After work we had a little day light left and Sally took me to the beach. It was really a lovely day, place and time.

This was seriously the first time I have every seen and explored tide pools!

I would have loved to spend more time there, but the rocks, shells whatever it was really hurt my feet... all I had was high heels and work pants!

After the time at the beach I grabbed Chipotle and headed back to my the hotel.

The next morning we drove down to San Diego to have lunch with one of my best agents. We ate outside on the patio... just one block from the beach! It was beautiful out!! I could smell the salt air! So amazing.

All in all this was my favorite work trip ever! The only down side.... this is what I came back to! Oh well job security!

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