Thursday, September 1, 2011

Most Awesome Vacation Ever - Thursday

 Thursday morning we drove from St. Louis to Branson. Although we were all running low on energy we had so much fun talking, laughing and joking the entire way there. Brian and Kenny were super excited about the rental car and had tons of fun driving it and figuring out all the features.

Although, we had a tentative plan for the trip and lists of things we wanted to do we hadn't really pinned down the details. The car ride was a  great time to try to figure out those details.... for being the only woman in the car I have to say I was with the MOST indecisive bunch of people ever! We finally figured out everything we wanted to do... sleeping wasn't included on the list at all.... lol

We ended up stopping at an 'information' building and Kenny and I got roped into doing a time share presentation the next day... small price to pay for getting such a great deal on all the activities we wanted to go while we were in town (and then some!)

Our first adventure was the Ball Knockers.... not to be confused with the ever popular baldknobbers also located in Branson. Basically its a giant human size inflatable hamster ball!

The hill wasn't very steep, but enough to get you rolling pretty well...

Little Kenny waiting his turn 

Kenny and I 

We went down in pairs... 

Brian and Little Kenny first : 
Here me and Kenny go: 
Me getting strapped in 

The ride as pretty awesome, head over heels down down down the hill. You really couldn't help but just laugh all the way down... talk about being a kid again. It was a little scary to see Kenny strapped to the other side of the ball, appearing to come at me every time the ball turned. At one point my foot came unstrapped and trying to get it back in the strap just made me laugh even harder uncontrollably...

Unfortunately the ride and pure exhaustion caught up with my cousin Kenny. After our quick lunch at Taco Bell the poor guy was in bad shape. There are only a handful of times I seen the color leave someone's face like that....

We decided to head to the hotel for a little rest before our next excursion. Kenny and I experienced the crazy GPS phenomenon the last time we were in Branson, but neither of us remembered that until we had been chasing our tails for over an hour looking for the darn hotel... It ended up being RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE TACO BELL we ate lunch at! Unbelievable. This whole time we searched (across town) for our hotel, Little Kenny got sicker and sicker.

Doesn't seem like you could miss it right??? 

We finally got to our room, got Little Kenny situated (he didn't even remember that later) and my Kenny decided to take a nap too... Brian and I didn't want/need to rest so we went shopping in the Ozarks.

Again we followed the GPS... seriously I don't know why we didn't just try to find a real map... We crossed the river... again and again... He was driving... I was laughing. I couldn't even tell you what he said that was so funny, but I laughed so hard I literally peed my pants...

We arrived back to the hotel to get the Kennys (and change), but Little Kenny was dead to the world so we had to leave him.... we left a note and told him to call if he woke up. We all felt terrible for leaving him but we only had a limited amount of time in Branson and a lot to do... if he was awake we would have stayed and kept him company.

We had a reservation (made earlier that day!) for Ziplining. The course consisted of 2 miles of lines with a  ¼  mile and ½ mile run. The technique of ziplining was different than Kenny and I had experienced in Colorado and Hawaii.... we had to self break!

I am not a fan on the self breaking AT ALL, but the course was still a lot of fun! 

One of the towers 
This is one of the bridges we had to cross.... Kenny hated these! 

Kenny and Brian all ready to go 

Kenny, me and Brian 
See how calm he looks... its all an act! He hates heights, but still does these crazy things : )



The guides were super unprofessional and kept talking about how it was their first week.... not sure if they were joking or what, but it didn't make me feel safe at all. They made a lot of 'safety' mistakes and I think this company is just waiting for a major accident...

They let me, actually encouraged me to hit one tree without self breaking... just to see what the difference was like... It hurt and knocked the wind out of me. The 'catcher' guide didn't appreciate it much either.

We all really enjoyed zipping, but the weather was crazy! This was my first real taste of humidity.... it wasn't like it was all that hot out, but I just felt stick, hot and gross!

We got back to the hotel to find Little Kenny STILL SLEEPING! He must have really needed it... but we decided he wasn't going to miss any more of our vacation so Brian woke him up :

We did a little shopping at Dixie Outfitters. They had some really funny tshirts. Here are some of my favorites:

We decided to do a Haunted walking tour that night.... Not sure what we were all expecting, but what we got was a bunch of ghost stories and orbs... we were told to take pictures of different areas and look for orbs... speaks of dust to me.... the history was interesting (if it was real), but we decided to cut out early.

First theater in Branson

cool mural on the side of a building 

After the tour we went to Steak and Shake for a late dinner to end our 2nd day of vacation. Although, things didn't go exactly as we had planned overall it was a good day. 

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