Sunday, August 28, 2011

Da boat da boat da boat

For Kenny's Birthday I had bought him a Groupon for a boat rental and today we go around to using it! Kenny invited his mom, Jereme and Melodi, my brother and I to come along for the day. (Jereme was nice enough to chip in towards the boat rental to help out) 

Barb, Melodi and Jereme
Brian... before he got tossed around on the lake 

We drew numbers and took turns on the tube.... it wasn't long before everyone started to skip their turns and then it was just my brother's turn every time! Kenny really liked dragging my poor brother around the lake... Brian wouldn't submit and just kept asking for me.

Here is a blurp from the picture that I posted on FB

August 28, 2011 

Thanks for letting Kenny Kuhn drag you around the lake today! It was so much fun with you there. Sorry you got your face spanked by the water and your ankle got hurt! You better heal up in 3 days :)
    • Brian Taylor Figures everyone would love this picture. Anyone who thinks hitting water wont hurt is just fooling themselves. It is only fun the first 10-15 times. Anything more then that u are just asking for brain damage. I apparently requested major brain damage sunday. But I had a blast doing it. Thanks kenny for going easy on me. LOL not
    • Kenny Kuhn This picture proves what happens when you don't want mercy. You had your chance for a normal ride. lol

I think this one was Melodi :
Don't be fooled by this picture, I did get dumped out plenty of time, just not as aggressively as my brother!
Me taking an easy ride
Kenny's turn! 
Brian and I are dumb, and thought this would be a good idea.... It was really hard to hold on... I got scared and let go right away:
The above picture shows the snag in the ski rope... it did eventually break during our trip! One unlucky person, Brian of course, was riding and the rope snapped back and broke. Luckily no one was hurt! Also, during the trip the ropes got caught up under the propellers... Jereme and Brian tackled the problem with no hesitation. They dove time after time to locate the problem and untangle the ropes the best they could. Finally they ended up using the butter knife I had brought for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to cut the rope! 

Okay back up, before all the trouble with the ropes we tried out the water skis. I was so proud of Barb!! She got up on the skis like a pro!
Barb water skiing 
Kenny water skiing 
My camera was dying at this point, but everyone tried the skis... and after about a half a dozen times I actually got up! Melodi got up briefly and then did the splits...  and my brother got up on the skis for the first time that day too! 

It was a fun, exhausting day! We need to rent a boat every year!!

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