Monday, August 1, 2011

For the Birds

A friend of mine introduced me to a new website called Pinterest which is a super fun way to keep track of all the fun things you find online. It is also a great source of inspiration and a place to find recipes, decorating ideas, crafts, travel destinations etc. It is where I found this idea for tonight's craft! 
This craft only cost $2.50 and I have plenty of leftovers to make more! 

Little Brian isn't much into crafting...he just wants to hurry through is project and move on. Jacob, on the other hand, loves crafts and will sit for hours with me and work on a project.

This particular project took a whopping 15 minutes (while our Mama Rosas Pizza was cooking) and then the drying time of course. My brother, the boys and I all made a few. 
I had to coax the boys back over from playing Mario to take these pictures (they were in a big hurry) 

Little Brian 

While the guys were all playing Mario and I was on the computer of course, we heard the ice cream man. Jacob went to look out the window (which you can't see the street from but it was still cute) and Little Brian just said casually, "Oh thats the ice cream man" and continued to play his game. I hopped up and grabbed a few dollars and Jacob and I ran out the door. We ended up running all the way down the block to catch up to the truck. Jacob picked out his ice cream and I grabbed an extra one for Kenny. 

Then we saw Brian, Kenny and Little Brian sauntering up the street towards the ice cream truck. I assumed they were coming for ice cream, but it turns out Jacob had the wii remote around his wrist when we took off... their game would not allow them to play while one of their players was out of range! I was quiet tickled by this. The guys ended up getting some ice cream and we walked back home. 

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