Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lets Go D-backs

The company Kenny and I work for has season tickets to the Diamondbacks and if they cannot be used for business purposes, they will raffle them off to the employees. Wednesday I put my name in and WON! I was really excited to be able to treat all the guys (Kenny, my brother and the boys) to a game. The boys were beyond excited to go.

Our friend, Kris (Jackie’s husband) does some production work for the Dbacks and gave the guys a tour of the production trailer and even let Little Brian sit on someone’s lap and change channels. There was one area where you weren’t allowed to talk, a huge challenge for Little B, and he got so excited and tugged on Kenny. Kenny asked him what he needed and he said, “I just want to talk” Kris got a kick out of the boys and said they were adorable.

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