Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kickin up Mud

Since Brian couldn't get a hold of Crystal for the boys weekend visit to her house, we decided last minute to take them camping with us! I was really excited, because I think it will be our only opportunity this summer to take them and they always love to go. I am a planner and it does stress me out a lot to just 'wing it', but we loaded up the truck with ice chests, dogs, a quad and the men and loaded the car with clothes, food and little boys and headed out of town less than an hour after we got off work. 

On our way up the Beeline hwy there was an accident with a jackknifed truck and trailer. Thankfully no one was hurt, but what a shake-up! Kenny gave them some bottled water and he said the driver was pretty shock up and emotional. We aren't really sure what happened because no other vehicles were involved.

After they cleared the fast lane we were back on the road and headed for cooler weather! We made our stop in Payson for groceries and dinner then headed up the last hill to Forest Lakes to say hi to Sarah and pick up the trailer and blue quad. Brian and I rode the quads from the Cabin over to the road we camp off of and it was pretty chilly! Especially when we were splashing in the puddles, kicking up muddy water (I, of course was wearing flip flops).

When we arrived at the camp site and finally got settled in it was about 10:30 PM and the boys were exhausted! Little Brian complained he was so tired and wanted to go to bed. Brian delighted in the comment and joked that they never say that at home and he wished they would!

Saturday morning the guys went out on a long ride geocaching. 
Little Brian and Jacob


Uncle Kenny, Little Brian and Jacob (note the flowers in Jake's hand!) 
They had a great time and when they returned I asked if they had fun and both boys exclaimed , "Yeah!" Jacob declared, "I saw reindeers!" It was so adorable. Kenny and Jacob spotted two male Elk with giant antlers! Brian and Little B missed it because they were behind them and the quad noise probably spooked the Elk, because Kenny said they ran away pretty quickly.

Jacob also brought me flowers : ) Kenny said he picked them up on their first stop and said, "I take these to An Ananda!" He held onto them the entire rest of their ride (leaving only one hand to hold on because he had to protect and hold the flowers). He continued to bring me flowers all weekend and by Sunday Little Brian was bringing them too. It was fun.

Kenny and I found a nice loop trail and he even saw a deer! Here are some pictures from the ride- 

Without the goggles 

Taken with the goggles 

We got a nice storm on Saturday afternoon and I sat out under the awning reading my book, while it poured buckets of rain (everyone else was inside napping) until the cold mist was actually soaking me. I LOVE rain! Especially in the forest. Kenny and I both commented how sweet the forest smells especially after a rain. 

Taylor boys napping 

Kenny and our pups napping 
Saturday night Kenny and I rode the quads over to Sarah's to have a nice steak dinner. Kenny prepared the steaks and headed back to camp to get the Taylor boys while I stayed and chatted with Sarah. While Kenny grilled the steaks the boys played tag, hide and seek and red light/ green light with their dad in the giant front yard. I just adore how my brother plays with his boys (and other kids when they are around).  The steaks came out perfect and all the trimmings Sarah made were delicious so we all pigged out (including the boys!)

We headed back to camp and tried to start a fire, but everything was too wet from the afternoon rain so the guys set up the TV for scary movie time under the awning. I read my book in the trailer. 

Sunday morning, Brian, the boys and I went out for a ride to no where... well actually we were geocaching, but the GPS took us astray. discovered a rode less traveled for sure! There were 2 places where trees had fallen and blocked the path and there was tons of grass growing in the trail. I was hoping we would see some animals, but we didn't see any. I was really nervous about riding double with Jacob, but he is such a trouper! We came across a trail that was super muddy with huge puddles. There was one part with a big puddle, a hill and then a puddle on the other side of the hill! Jacob said, "Whoa!" It was cute, because he doesn't say much, but when he does it was pure delight! We came to a place where the road was washed out and decided we couldn't make it and turned back (especially since we were both riding double).

I have such a hard time enjoying the moment the actual moment something is taking place. I let other factors like being tired or the stress of a situation take away from the moment. I think that is why I relish this blog. I enjoy remembering things and looking back on the fun we had (even when it may not have been pure fun when it happened). I know I am not alone in this, because I ask Kenny all the time after our adventures, "Did you have a good time?" and his usual response is, "Yeah, now that it is over." The reason I even bring this is up is because camping can be super stressful for me... Even though I don't normally drive and never pull the trailer (Kenny does), there is still that element of danger from other drivers, animals and just the road in general. It can be stressful because almost every weekend something breaks... this weekend a rock hit the blue quad while I was riding it and headlight shattered into my face (I had eye protection on thank goodness)  which will probably cost us $50. Its stressful to get the trailer into the rocky, bumpy forest without damaging any part of the truck or trailer. Also, it is a lot of work to pack up everything and try to remember everything you need.... but in the end the memories are always worth the effort and all the work, money and stress fades away. I know we all had a good time together this weekend and I am so thankful to be making these memories with my hubby, my brother and his boys. I know the boys will have fond memories of camping as they grow-up (even if they don't remember this specific trip) and that is what really matters to me. 

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